Moving Guide

Aarons Self Storage knows the importance of planning ahead when it comes to a big move. Follow this timeline in order to ensure that your move in day goes as smoothly as possible:

Two months before moving:

  • Make a detailed list of the items you plan to move into storage. Take a measuring tape and measure these items to ensure that they will fit into your chosen storage space.
  • Once you have figured out which items are going to be moved into storage, make sure to book your FREE Aarons Self Storage moving van for the day of your move in.
  • If you think you have too many items for just one van to handle, research several moving companies and get an estimate from each one. Book a moving company if necessary.
  • Create a file that contains receipts and other important information for your move; write down the numbers for Aarons, along with your moving company, and any other important contacts.

One month before moving:

  • Gather boxes, tape, scissors, packing paper, and other moving supplies.
  • Begin packing up any items that you will not need within the next month.
  • Clean your items before you pack them away to avoid any damage.
  • If you are changing your address, contact the post office to forward your mail.
  • Contact your utility company and tell them about your move out date; transfer your water, sewage, and power if you are able.
  • Make arrangements for pets, children, or any dependents on the day of your move; contact friends or family and ask them if they are available to help you on your moving day.

Two weeks before moving:

  • Begin packing any items you did not pack up two weeks ago.
  • Return any borrowed items you do not want to pack away, give away any items you do not want to keep.
  • Make a box of valuables you do not want to pack in the moving van (passports, jewelry, etc.). Take this box with you in your car when you move.
  • Thoroughly clean the space you are moving out of; don't forget to check closets, garages, and basements.
  • Do not pack any flammable items such as cleaning fluids, matches, and other hazardous materials.

One week before moving:

  • Have your boxes stacked, labeled, and ready to leave the door in the order you want them loaded on the moving truck.
  • If you have hired a moving company reach out to them to make sure you are still on their schedule. Exchange phone numbers and confirm the address they are to meet you at.
  • Pack a box of things you will want to access right away at your new home, such as water bottles, snacks, toilet paper, etc.
  • Begin deep cleaning the space you are moving out of in preparation for your moving day.

Moving Day:

  • Do a last once over of your space; make sure to check drawers, closets, and garages to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Turn off all of the switches, and lock the windows.
  • Load your moving truck, and make sure that no boxes are left behind.
  • If you have hired movers, make sure to supervise as they load their trucks to ensure that all of your items make it onto the truck.
  • When unloading, make sure there is no damage to your items, and that nothing is missing. Work with an Aarons representative to move into your storage space.

To select the storage space that best fits your needs, please visit our Space Estimator page.