Packing Tips

Packing your belongings for your storage unit is an important step that requires forethought and organization. To ensure that your belongings are kept in excellent condition, please utilize the tips that are provided below:

  • Gather your supplies. Packing paper, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, tape, markers, and furniture covers are just some of the packing tools you will need. Please visit our shop () to order any items you are missing.
  • Clean your items before storing them; items that are dirty can become permanently damaged in the storage unit.
  • Seal boxes with packing tape. Boxes that are not sealed can become weak, and break during the move due to lack of support.
  • Pack fragile items with paper or foam. Items such as mirrors or paintings should be packed in special painting boxes and stored with other fragile items.
  • Cover furniture, mattresses, and other items that might be scratched/damaged in the move with slipcovers.
  • Label boxes so that you know what is inside. Keep boxes with similar items close together.
  • Do not overload boxes as they will become too heavy to move and might break open.
  • Place the largest boxes on the floor, stack smaller boxes on top of them. Large boxes placed on smaller ones may become unstable and fall over.
  • Use newspapers or packing paper to wrap dishes and glasses before placing them in boxes. Line the boxes with a generous amount of paper to ensure the dishes and glasses do not break during the move.
  • Invest in wardrobe boxes for clothing; this will ensure the clothes are kept in good condition, and prevent any pests from gaining access to them.

For a timeline that will help you plan for your move, please visit our moving guide page.